Death Penalty Gone Wrong

Personally, I do not support the death penalty so it should be clear that I intend to state some reasons why. In recent events, it has come to light again that the death sentence is not always carried out correctly. There are many accounts of botched executions where death does not take the first time.

Botched Execution in Arizona

It is not the first time that an execution has gone wrong. In this instance, I discovered a story from Arizona in 2014 involving a man, Joseph Wood, who was convicted of murder and sentenced to die by lethal injection.

Wood was accused and found guilty of shooting his former girlfriend as well as her father and he did so without remorse in 1989. It took until 2014 for his execution date to rise. Now I understand that Wood did not die peacefully.

Gasping or Snoring?

Apparently, it took two hours for Joseph Wood to die from lethal injection. This is very long period of time considering the fact that the injections used are designed to completely stop the heart and the ability of a person to breathe.

It was reported that Wood started to struggle for air, gasping. His attorney made an attempt to get a stay of execution in the process but was not successful by the time Wood was finally dead. Jeanne Brown, who is the daughter and sister of the victims, claimed the sounds were snoring, not gasping for air.

What are the Implications?

This event obviously raised a lot of hairs at the time, much as it would now. It is important to remember events like this. With that particular case, it was certain that Wood had committed the crime and it was clearly of a brutal nature.

Naturally, it is easy to say he deserved the suffering he got and that was professed by the victim as well as many others. Regardless, the event raised some questions about the death penalty and whether it is humane or not.

The Alternatives

We all have to understand that we are looking at just a few choices here and it is time for us all to take a stance. The first choice that I support, as do many others, is that the death penalty be abolished completely.

To be clear, it is a hypocrisy that is a very bad influence on society. It is not reasonable to believe that murder can be righted by murder. It is not a solution and such an approach is clearly only going to continue to influence the idea that there are those deserving of death, the very problem in the first place.

Unfortunately, what is being proposed are other methods of death that are more certain and swift, such as the firing squad. That would just be a step back for mankind.

It is well understood and probably universally agreed that violators of certain laws such as murder need to face the most extreme consequences but is death really the best one? Death is certain anyway. Why be the same as the killers?